Candy Cane Lane

Invite the Community In on December 7


The Holiday In the Grove Committee is inviting local businesses to participate in CANDY CANE LANE– a fun, interactive community event featuring a variety of businesses that are located in Sugar Grove.  Each participating business will be offering something special  for guests to enjoy throughout the day at their establishment.  Don't miss this excellent opportunity to gain added local exposure while seeing new faces in the community throughout this fun-filled day. 


The sponsorship cost is $25 (cash/check/credit card) with an additional $15 donation to put in our raffle basket (tangible item or gift card). 


We will supply participating businesses with a Candy Cane to display on the day of Holiday in the Grove, along with the following;


• Name on Our Website

• Name on Our Passport (people will come to your place of business the day of the event)

• Name on Our Poster Which will be Displayed at the Sugar Grove Community Building, Sugar Grove United Methodist Church & Sugar Grove Library


1.  Display the Candy Cane outside at your place of business so the Community knows you are a support of our event.

2.  Hold a special of some sort for the day such as a coupon to hand out, a craft or whatever you think is best for your place of business (if you need ideas feel free to reach out to us)


3.  Have something to put into our raffle basket that is approx. $15


4.  Have fun and enjoy the season.

Any questions feel free to contact Marguerite Ledone at 630-334-8570